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Version 2.1.5in production

June 28, 2013

Keep the suggestions flowing in!

Running list of planned icons based on user feedback and what pops in to my head : )

These are in no particular order, just randomly throwing them up here.

  • Flipboard
  • Temple Run (Original, BraveTM, OZTM)
  • Hardest Game Ever
  • TV Show Favs
  • Stickman Golf
  • DSP Manager
  • Root Browser
  • Line (Calling/Messaging)
  • Sky+
  • Sky Go
  • Where's my Water
  • Candy Crush
  • Zynga's 'With Friends Games' (generic)
  • Minecraft
  • ROM Toolbox
  • Weatherbug
  • Tune In
  • Catch
  • Draw Something
  • Bad Piggies
  • Amazing Alex
  • Next Browser
  • Taptu
  • Digical
  • Feedly
  • Amazon
  • Amazon App Store
  • ChatOn
  • Camera Zoom FX
  • EzPDFreader
  • Video Player (Samsung)
  • Mega
  • Power Toggles
  • Runtastic
  • Shazam
  • Wells Fargo
  • Astrid

If any are struck through, that means I have created them :)

KIK Messenger is **ALREADY** in the pack

Version 2.1.4released - view change log

June 21, 2013

Very few new icons in this version, for more info, read the news post below.

  • BBC iPlayer (x2)
  • Dash Clock
  • MX Player (x4)
  • Terminal Emulator
  • UCCW
  • Whatsapp (x2)additional icons
  • Where's My Mickey (x3)
  • Xposed Installer (x2)

Continue working on a fix for Action Launcher Pro not theming certain icons that should be themed.


June 21, 2013

There will be few icons added to this during the update, and this update may take a bit longer to roll out than the rest, as I am going on vacation next week.

My full time job has gotten pretty hectic over the past few weeks as we are preparing for a few things on the horizon. So this next update will contain VERY FEW new icons, and most honestly won't apply to the majority of people unless you run CM10.1 or use UCCW.

I'm sorry, but that is how things are shaping up right now. Do feel free to send me an email with icon requests so I can start working on them when I get back and make 2.1.5 AWESOME!

Version 2.1.3released - view change log

June 21, 2013

  • Adobe Reader (x2)
  • Barcode Scanner
  • Google Voice (x2)improved icon
  • kik Messenger (x2)
  • Skitch (x2)
  • Snapseed (x2)
  • Springpad (X2)
  • S Note

Working on a fix for Action Launcher Pro not theming certain icons, that should be themed.

Version 2.1.2released - view change log

June 11, 2013

  • Reddit (x5)
  • S Health

Also will be including listed icons above in overall theming, along with others

								<item component="ComponentInfo{}" drawable="shealth" />
								<item component="ComponentInfo{com.laurencedawson.reddit_sync/com.laurencedawson.reddit_sync.ui.RedditActivity}" drawable="reddit2" />

Version 2.1.1released - view change log

June 10, 2013

The following code has been added to appfilter.xml in order to enable theming for more applications along the Samsung Galaxy series

								<item component="ComponentInfo{}" drawable="calculator3" />
								<item component="ComponentInfo{}" drawable="calendar5" />
								<item component="ComponentInfo{}" drawable="camera1" />
								<item component="ComponentInfo{}" drawable="clock2" />
								<item component="ComponentInfo{}" drawable="gallery1" />
								<item component="ComponentInfo{}" drawable="browser4" />
								<item component="ComponentInfo{}" drawable="messages11" />
								<item component="ComponentInfo{}" drawable="folder" />
								<item component="ComponentInfo{}" drawable="settings3" />
								<item component="ComponentInfo{}" drawable="watchon3" />

If your device is not theming core icons (Camera, Messages, Clock, Calculator, Gallery, Browser, Settings, etc...) correctly please let me know. I can only test theming on a few devices (Galaxy S4 and Nexus 4) and do not have access to others. Certain phones use different processes for their own flavor of core applications in Android.

For example, the Nexus 4 (or any AOSP based ROM or device) uses the following for the Calculator app:


Whereas the Samsung Galaxy series uses:


This causes problems when attempting to theme icons since being able to only test with 2 devices doesn't cover a very broad range.

If you are interested in helping test out theming functionality please let me know and I will get some information to you as well as beta APKs.

Version 2.1released - view change log

June 07, 2013

  • AIM (x4)
  • Angry Birds Star Wars
  • App Drawer (x4)additional icons
  • Asana (x3)
  • ATP/WTA Live (x4)
  • Beautiful Widgets (x2)
  • CyanogenMod
  • Folder (x6)
  • Google Walletadditional icon
  • Google Skymap
  • Minimalistic Text
  • Nova (x4)
  • Samsung WatchOn (x3)
  • Settings (x5)additional icons
  • Snapchat
  • Swiftkey (x3)
  • Swype (x2)
  • T-Mobile (x4)
  • Tasks (x6)
  • Vine (x2)
  • Voice Recorder additional icon
  • Whatsapp (x2)


June 02, 2013

Wanted to post a quick update for MinimaCons. If you are here and using MinimaCons, then you know by now, but if not, MinimaCons is now FREE!

That's right, FREE!

After being posted for 99 cents, I decided that doing what I love shouldn't cost anyone else money. I'm already making these icons for my own personal use, why not let everyone else in on them?

Grab them here and ENJOY!

Version 2.0released - view change log

May 26, 2013

  • Accuweather (x2)
  • Angry Birds (x4)
  • Angry Birds Space
  • App Drawer (x7)additional icons
  • Bank of America (x3)
  • Camera (x2)additional icons
  • Carbon for Twitter
  • Cut the Rope (x3)
  • Dialer (x5)additional icons
  • Doodle Jump (x2)
  • Facebok Messenger (x4)
  • Facebook Pages (x2)
  • Falcon Pro
  • Firefox (x2)
  • Flash Light (x3)
  • Gallery (x4)additional icons
  • Games (x4)
  • Game Boy Emulator (x4)
  • Google Goggles
  • Google Music (x3)additional icons
  • Google Play Store (x4)additional icons
  • Google Plus (x2)updated
  • Google Translate
  • Google Voice
  • Google Voice Search
  • Go SMS (x2)
  • Handcent (x3)
  • Lemon Wallet (x2)
  • Local
  • Messages (x6)additional icons
  • Money/Bank (x6)
  • Movies (x4)
  • Music (x6)
  • Navigator (x7)
  • Netflix
  • Paperplane (x2)
  • PayPal (x2)
  • Redbox (x2)
  • Regal Cinema
  • Shazam (x2)
  • Soundcloud (x2)
  • SoundHound (x4)
  • Spotify (x2)
  • Square (x2)
  • The Weather Channel
  • Torch
  • Traffic (x2)
  • Travel (x7)
  • US Bank
  • uTorrent (x2)
  • Videos (x3)
  • Voice Recorder (x4)
  • Weather {Generic} (x4)
  • WinAmp (x2)
  • Yelp

Other Updates:

Icon pack is now theme-able device wide through your launcher's "Theme Settings." No more time consuming picking and choosing of icons for each individual app. Not all icons will be themed straight away. But more will become available in future updates.

Version 1.0 released - view change log

May 18, 2013

  • App Drawer (x4)
  • Box
  • Browser (x9)
  • Calculator (x4)
  • Calendar (x5)
  • Camcorder
  • Camera (x3)
  • Clock (x3)
  • Dialer (x7)
  • Downloads (x7)
  • Dropbox (x2)
  • ebay
  • Email (x3)
  • Evernote (x3)
  • Facebook (x2)
  • Fandango
  • Foursquare
  • Gallery (x4)
  • Gmail (x2)
  • Google
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Books (x2)
  • Google Chrome
  • Google Currents (x2)
  • Google Drive
  • Google Earth
  • Google Hangouts (x2)
  • Google Keep (x2)
  • Google Magazines
  • Google Maps
  • Google Movies (x2)
  • Google Music (x2)
  • Google Play Store (x5)
  • Google Plus (x2)
  • Google Settings
  • Google Wallet
  • Helium
  • Home Depot
  • IMDb
  • Instagram (x2)
  • Linked In
  • Lowes
  • Message (x6)
  • Pandora (x2)
  • Path
  • People (x4)
  • Pinterest (x2)
  • Plume (x2)
  • Pocket (x2)
  • Pulse
  • ROM Manager (x4)
  • Settings (x5)
  • Simple (x2)
  • Skype (x2)
  • SuperSU (x2)
  • Titanium Backup (x2)
  • Tumblr (x2)
  • Tweetcaster
  • Twitter (x2)
  • Vimeo (x4)
  • Wikipedia
  • XDA (x2)
  • YouTube (x4)

Known Issues:

Setting MinimaCons as an "Icon Theme" or "Icon Pack" (depending on launcher) as a device wide theme will not over ride stock icons. You must pick and choose the icons you want to use for now. A fix is under way. Please watch this video on how to do this.